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Social enterprise, CLARITY & Co. helps bring products with purpose to the cleaning & hygiene sector

Social enterprise, CLARITY & Co. helps bring products with purpose  to the cleaning & hygiene sector

This year marks CLARITY & Co.’s 165th birthday. Founded in 1854, it is one of the UK’s oldest social enterprises with a pressing mission to counter the high rates of disability unemployment in the UK.

CLARITY & Co. manufactures eco-ethical every day and luxury washroom products at its East London factory, selling into businesses via a range of national distributors and disrupting the market by offering products that give back to society. As a not for profit organisation, it reinvests all revenues into creating meaningful work for those that really need it.

Camilla Marcus-Dew, Head of Sustainable Growth at CLARITY & Co. explains: “We are greatly encouraged by the growing support for us at the British Cleaning Council (BCC), within the industry more generally and by the recognition we are achieving as one of the very few charities driving employment for those with a range of disabilities and long-term health conditions with our eco-ethical brands.

“In 2018, we were highly commended in the Cleaning & Support Services Association (CSSA) prestigious awards and we are grateful to have been named the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) Chairman’s Charity of Choice 2019 – for the second year running!   We are now also listed with many of the key facilities management companies that are helping us to bring our products to ever more businesses across the UK. Positive proof that CLARITY & Co. is making real headway in showing how switching soap for real social good has never been easier.”

Paul Thrupp, Deputy Chair of the British Cleaning Council, said: “Commercial cleaning, like many other sectors, could be doing far more with regards to promoting an inclusive workforce and the BCC is fully supportive of the aims and objectives of CLARITY & Co.”

Exciting news – CLARITY & Co. has just rebranded!

 CLARITY & Co. is proud to announce it has just undertaken a major rebranding exercise. It was known as ‘CLARITY – Employment for Blind People’, but to reflect the fact it is both a pan-disability charity with an inspiring story to tell and it offers three great washroom brands – CLARITY, BECO. and The Soap Co. – from now on the organisation will be known as CLARITY & Co.

What exactly do we believe in? Well, we see the greatness in every single person, and we want people with disabilities to have the chance to show their greatness off in the workplace. After all, so many employers believe that people with disabilities can’t do the job of a person without disabilities. We are proof that they absolutely can.

New partnership with InnuScience, the leading global manufacturer of biotechnology-based cleaning products

Never content to rest on its laurels, CLARITY & Co. has announced a new joint venture with InnuScience.  It will see the social enterprise taking over the key logistical processes involved in filling, labelling and palletising InnuScience’s leading back of house hand care products. The partnership will also see InnuScience leverage its success and reputation in the hotel and catering sector to offer CLARITY & Co.’s eco-ethical brands, BECO. and The Soap Co., as their front of house brand of choice. The venture will also boost the mission to create employment for people with disabilities by assisting the charity to secure a strong foothold in key industry sectors including hotels, hospitality, local government, events and education.

Back of house hand care products in the partnership range will carry joint branding of Innuscience and CLARITY, consolidating and building on brand recognition and the unique propositions of both businesses. CLARITY & Co. will be made available across the UK through InnuScience’s national and local distributors.

Camilla Marcus-Dew, Head of Sustainable Growth at CLARITY & Co. explains: “We are very excited to be able to partner with InnuScience. I think the key message here is the alignment of eco and social innovation across a wide range of products – giving organisations the opportunity to buy products without compromising the environment and creating meaningful change for people with disabilities.”

Nick Winstone, Managing Director at InnuScience, writes: “Our team is passionate about our biological cleaning products and the positive impact they have on the environments in which they’re used and the health of those that use them. Over the past three years we’ve seen a great demand for our products in the hospitality sector and have been supplying soap as part of our offering. Wanting to evoke that same sense of pride in our soap range, we approached CLARITY & Co. to partner with us for our personal care products and ensure the soap we sell creates more opportunity for those with a disability that are so proud of the work they do at CLARITY & Co.”

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