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“Filo-Delight” – a new authentic sweet pastry from Dina Foods

“Filo-Delight” – a new authentic sweet pastry from Dina Foods

Authentic Mediterranean food specialist Dina Foods has launched a new sweet pastry “Filo-Delight”, an extension to its established and best-selling luxury Baklawa selection.

Inspired by the Dina Chefs and New Product Development team, “Filo-Delight’’ was launched at the SIAL Exhibition in Paris in October 2018 and will be supported and available in selected Morrisons stores.

Filo-Delight” is a range of four sweet filo pastries which are light and refreshing, and perfect for serving with a tea/coffee in the morning, after lunch, or as an accompaniment after dinner.

“They will add value to any menu and are the perfect sweet pastry to serve anytime, anywhere.” said Dina Foods Managing Director, Mr Suheil Haddad.

“This is the result of the hard work our creative formulators and New Product Designers who have developed this innovative product utilising our know-how and successfully tried and tested baklawa manufacturing capabilities,” continued Mr Haddad.

Handcrafted “Filo-Delight” features layer over layer of leaf-thin filo pastry, creatively shaped and filled with specially chosen high-quality ingredients such as mint, cashew and chocolate chip, mincemeat, orange zest and almond or walnut and ginger and finished to an authentic Mediterranean recipe in Dina Foods dedicated manufacturing facilities.  The variants can be served all year-round, with the mincemeat and chocolate being ideal for the festive period.

In addition to its unique Lebanese Baklawa selection, Dina Foods has over 25 years’ experience as a pioneering manufacturer of a wide range of authentic Eastern Mediterranean bread including the Paninette, selling under the Dina brand in retailers and foodservice outlets in the UK and Europe.

“Our privately-owned family business has been sharing its baking expertise for 25 years and now exports to a dozen European and Scandinavian countries. Dina Foods is constantly creating unique high-quality products with a twist,” concluded Mr Haddad.

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