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Fantastic (Healthy Vegetarian) Falafel from Dina Foods, The Falafel Experts

Fantastic (Healthy Vegetarian) Falafel from Dina Foods, The Falafel Experts

From beetroot falafel to the best-selling sweet potato version, Dina Foods can claim to be the UK’s “original and best” falafel expert company.

The authentic Mediterranean food company was the first to introduce falafel and humous to the UK consumer in the 1980s.

Dina Foods Founder and Managing Director, Mr Suheil Haddad, says that falafel sales are booming as the food-to-go market takes off and as vegan and vegetarian eating become big trends.

“This is a growth part of the business. The market is still really only getting acquainted with falafel, which can be used in anything from a convenient vegetarian salad wrap to a healthy hamburger or as tasty party food. There is tremendous opportunity for future development here.

As experts in the field, we are always experimenting with new recipes using fresh and natural ingredients, new cooking processes (baked falafel) and other innovations such as seeded falafel, working alongside our customers.”

Dina Foods supplies a range of customers including sandwich makers and independent delicatessens as well as wholesalers with its hand-finished, and then frozen, falafel.

The current falafel line-up includes traditional Lebanese falafel, spinach, the bestselling sweet potato version, fresh beetroot falafel, chilli & coriander, lemon & carrot, mixed quinoa seeds falafel and peri peri spices as well as Mexican, Indian and other specialised spicy varieties.

These are available in a full range of sizes from 20g to 28g, 35g, 45g and up to 85g for falafel burgers.  Box sizes are flexible and different variants can be included in a tailor-made box, based on a minimum order.

Dina Foods’ complete Lebanese savouries range includes Vine Leaves, Kibbes, Sfiha, hummus and Baba Ganoush as well as falafel, all much in demand in the casual dining sector.

The London-based company also supplies the sandwich market with a wide selection of wholemeal, white and seeded flatbreads, wraps and pitta breads, including its hugely popular Paninette flatbread, which can be sliced or used as a wrap.

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