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Dina Foods has Dinalicious Dates Wrapped Up

Dina Foods has Dinalicious Dates Wrapped Up

Authentic Mediterranean specialist Dina Foods says it is seeing growing demand for its boxed range of premium Medjoul dates, including its pioneering “half dip” dates in chocolate.

The Medjool date, often called the King of Dates, has a rich, almost caramel-like taste and a soft, chewy texture and is larger than the standard Deglet Noor date.  It is rich in fibre, potassiummanganesecopper, B vitaminsvitamin Amagnesium, and calcium, and said to offer many health benefits.

Dina Foods’ “Dinalicious” branded boxed dates are sold in sealed trays.  The range includes 180g pack of Plain Medjoul Dates with nine pieces per pack, sold in six boxes per case.

The Chocolate Coated Medjoul Dates 180g version also includes nine pieces per pack, three dark, three milk and three white chocolate.

Dina Foods also offers Filled Medjoul Dates in the range with three pieces each of walnut, marzipan and orange zest per pack.

The plain natural Medjoul dates are available in a 200g pack with 12 packs per case and a 500g pack, with eight packs per case.

Dina Foods managing director Suheil Haddad comments: “For a healthy and delicious snack you cannot beat a Medjoul date, and we are seeing demand for our premium Dinalicious boxed dates growing across all markets.”

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