The Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden Service Awards 2018
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The Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden Service Awards 2018

The Background

Kimberly-Clark Professional (KCP), the leading provider of hygiene, safety and productivity solutions, is dedicated to creating better workplaces. It wants to drive high standards, particularly in washrooms, and believes that every workplace should be healthier, safer, and more productive.

Held every two years, the Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden Service Awards (GSA) were established back in 1991 to reward the excellence of facilities management (FM) and cleaning teams. They continue to be one of the industry’s best events and are acknowledged as the hallmark of quality, while acting as a powerful marketing tool in the promotion of raising standards in the industry.

A challenge for the 2018 edition of the Awards was that, for the first time, the GSA was taking place after three years rather than two. Plus, KCP decided to change the focus and evolve the Awards to look more about how innovation and the continuous improvement of standards in the cleaning industry is delivering optimal results.

The Objectives

The Awards were set up to recognise excellence and support the continual improvement in cleaning standards. The scheme gives contract cleaning companies and FMs the opportunity to showcase and recognise the various achievements in their teams.

The new-look GSAs were designed to ensure the Awards continue to meet customer and business needs of tomorrow, while encouraging and showcasing innovation. The event helps to bring the industry together including, companies, employees, industry bodies, suppliers and industry influencers.

The Strategy

The Awards bring together KCP’s key audiences, and create opportunities for targeted messages to reach them, including those working in the healthcare, office, education, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, environmental and training sectors.

Our work in supporting the success of the Awards included: developing a communications plan; working with three media partners; implementing a social media campaign; initiating a sponsorship programme to ensure the Awards’ commercial success; and, carrying out a telemarketing campaign, targeting more than 300 companies across numerous sectors.

We also organise all logistics to make sure the Awards run smoothly, including the AV, content, venue, and the presenters and celebrities on stage.

The Results

We have helped KCP create an Awards that has become one of the industry’s most esteemed events which has grown significantly in size and prestige since its inception.

Back in 1991, fewer than 40 finalists, judges, sponsors and those from the media attended. Now, in 2018, more than 500 industry leaders come together to celebrate innovation, excellence and continuous improvement.

Winning companies are able to use the Awards as a marketing tool to help boost sales, while reassuring existing customers they are working with one of the best companies, driving for the highest standards, across the industry.