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Tri-Star launches the Jewel in its sustainability crown

Tri-Star launches the Jewel in its sustainability crown

Tri-Star Packaging has launched Jewel, a new range of salad containers made from 100% recycled materials. Jewel’s sparkling new design delivers premium impact and appeal, while delivering excellent visibility and enhanced product perception.

Consumer research delivered positive results, making Jewel the perfect stand out package for new or refreshed product lines.

Jewel’s crystal-clear faceted look enables product premiumisation, enhanced appeal and fantastic on-shelf impact. Its unique shape is cleverly formed allowing for both an eye-catching angled presentation and a standard stackable option. Creating outstanding differentiation Jewel ensures maximum visibility of the top face of the food that drive fast on-the-go sales.

Aimed at the on-the-go market and with convenience in mind for perishable food items, Jewel features a clip-on lid to retain product freshness. It is designed with a stable, portable structure helping to ensure the safety of products during transport, stacking, on-shelf, purchase and on-the-go usage.

Available in three different popular sizes – 500cc, 750cc and 1000cc – all with one standard lid which reduces SKU’s and space requirements. Jewel can be heat-sealable with a clip-on lid for freshness. Labels, sleeves or watchstrap provide a range of labelling options. Jewel also has de-nesting features for easy separation and operational efficiency.

“This latest launch from Tri-Star Packaging, really is the gem in our sustainability crown,” said Kevin Curran, Founder of Tri-Star Packaging. “Jewel is one of the most environmentally-friendly salad container products on the market. Made from 100% recycled materials, the range is manufactured in the UK so has a low carbon footprint with low fuel miles. I’m currently calling this totally British innovation a ‘Brexit Buster’ product!

“It is imperative that we communicate the environmental benefits to ensure consumers understand their role, so completing the environmental story, the ‘made with 100% recycled material’ message is embossed on the base. In addition, Jewel is fully recyclable in standard recycling systems, making it one of the most sustainable products on the market.”

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