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REB puts the record straight on paper cup recycling

REB puts the record straight on paper cup recycling

Graphic Packaging International has welcomed the online report from REB Marketing Intelligence that acknowledges that paper cups are recyclable and are being recycled. []

REB Market Intelligence, a leading online trade publication/information service specialising in recycling and waste management updated its subscribers and readers about the recyclability of paper cups following an interview with Mike Turner, Managing Director of Graphic Packaging International.

Turner was speaking on behalf of the Paper Cup Alliance (PCA), which is working to advise consumers that it is a misconception that these cups cannot be recycled. PCA is working with some of the big brand coffee names to develop new initiatives to reduce the quantity of coffee cups that end up in landfill.

PCA is also working with associations such as the Alliance of Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE) to improve the infrastructure around the UK for collecting these cups for recycling. This includes installing 4,000 recycling bins as collection points during last year and plans to add more during 2018.

In the interview with REB Marketing Intelligence, Mike Turner also welcomed the announcement by corrugated packaging specialist, D S Smith that following recent trials, its paper mill in Kent has the capacity to recycle up to 2.5 billion coffee cups. What is needed now is more industries working together to improve and develop a better collection system.

“This is great, it demonstrates that the infrastructure is there, and it is recycling paper cups. These items are getting recycled now, despite consumer belief, and are entirely recyclable,” said Turner.

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