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Pioneering plastic-free food bucket for KFC

Pioneering plastic-free food bucket for KFC

In an initiative aimed at improving food presentation and environmental performance, food retailer KFC UK and Ireland has partnered with foodservice packaging specialist, International Paper Foodservice Europe to develop a paper board food bucket with a difference.

Polyethylene is often used in paper board food buckets either internally to prevent the grease from the food soaking through the container or externally to improve print finish.

This new version of the iconic KFC bucket, developed by International Paper Foodservice Europe and manufactured at its factory in Winsford, Cheshire, uses a grease-resistant lining instead of a traditional polyethylene (PE) lining, which prevents the build-up of grease to improve food presentation and also removes plastic from the construction of the product.

Further development work targeted the outer of the container to give it extra visual impact. KFC UK and Ireland wanted a glossy finish, but that needed to be achieved without the addition of a plastic coating. Building on its earlier investment in print quality at its Winsford factory, International Paper Foodservice Europe has now developed a clay-coated finish that brings extra vibrancy to the print.

David Lawlor, Sales and Marketing Director of International Paper Foodservice Europe commented: “This iconic KFC bucket is a great example of how International Paper Foodservice Europe is able to work with its customers to find solutions to challenges and implement them. We have invested a great deal of time in R&D to develop this unique product to meet the specific requirements of our customer and we are proud to have partnered with KFC to bring this to market.”

Julie Buffandeau, Supply Chain Manager, Product Excellence Department for KFC UK and Ireland, adds: “International Paper Foodservice Europe was very receptive to our requests. The R&D team at Winsford took the brief and proved their ability to innovate, working closely with us to deliver a product that met our specifications and is truly unique in the market.”

The new food bucket will be available in two sizes – 85oz and 130oz. As with all paper board products manufactured by International Paper Foodservice Europe, the new food buckets are certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®, SFI, and will be stamped with the SFI logo, providing assurance that the fibre used is sourced from responsible and legal sources.

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