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Innovative SUSTANE polymer launched to save natural resources

Innovative SUSTANE polymer launched to save natural resources

RPC bpi recycled products, a leader in responsible sourcing and manufacturing of plastic materials, has launched another first in sustainability – a range of premium, sustainable polymers made from 100% recycled plastic called SUSTANE.

SUSTANE is an innovative, sustainable polymer that has the potential to replace virgin polymer. The recycled material is made from post-consumer packaging and promises the highest levels of technical performance, consistency with no compromise on quality. The driving force for SUSTANE, however, is not just the need for perfect performance, but the desire to lead on environmental stewardship.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, SUSTANE supports the circular economy by offering traceability of the product as well as being 100% recyclable itself. Current products manufactured from virgin polymers can improve their environmental credentials when they are designed – or redesigned – using SUSTANE polymers.

SUSTANE polymers have been proven to perform in a wide range of non-food contact applications where previously prime polymer was used.  An early adopter of SUSTANE is the recently launched sustainable shrink film, X-EnviroShrink, developed by RPC bpi protec.

X-EnviroShrink is a flat shrink film made using a minimum of 30% post-consumer recyclate. X-EnviroShrink is helping RPC bpi protec’s customers meet their ambitious sustainability targets whilst at the same time creating a film that boasts a high print quality, can be produced on the company’s existing machinery and with a performance comparable to prime material in its function and strength.

One of the first customers to use X-EnviroShink is Radnor Hills, a leading water and soft drinks supplier.  The company was looking for a sustainable shrink-wrapped solution for its multi-packed bottled water.   They chose X-EnviroShrink – made with SUSTANE – to help the company meet its ambitious sustainability targets.

Gerry McGarry, Managing Director of RPC bpi recycled products, said: “Sustainability is at the heart of our ambition to grow as a successful but ethical company. Innovation drives our plans to continually give our customers great products that have a positive impact on our environment and society. We go beyond standard industry practices to provide our customers with solutions to help them meet their sustainable targets and reduce their carbon footprint. This is because products made with SUSTANE can be recycled and used again, and again, saving natural resources and reducing plastic in the environment.”

SUSTANE is manufactured by RPC bpi recycled products, part of RPC Group, and is one of the largest recyclers of used packaging film in Europe. RPC bpi recycled products has made health & safety, customer service, innovation and environmental stewardship central elements to everything it does by constantly finding new ways to conserve natural resources and harness the power of innovation to have a positive impact on plastic manufacturing and our planet.

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