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Foodservice expert Kevin Curran returns

Foodservice expert Kevin Curran returns

I simply want to put all my experience and expertise to good use by helping foodservice businesses develop, and by mentoring entrepreneurs and managers to deliver fresh ideas and best practice.”

As the foodservice industry faces its biggest ever challenges, industry expert Kevin Curran has decided to return, with the launch of SCA International.

“I have been keen to share my 25 plus years’ experience in foodservice for quite a while, and with the impact of the coronavirus crisis, the time now seems more relevant than ever,” said Kevin.

As a packaging pioneer and innovator, Kevin co-launched Tri-Star in the early 1990s. For over a quarter of a century he poured his heart and soul into perfecting the form, function and practicality of a host of award-winning products for an ever more demanding food-to-go sector. Throughout his career, he has constantly sought to improve the convenience food market with innovation in design and materials, challenging manufacturers and clients alike.

Kevin has now established SCA International, an independent consultancy, able to offer authoritative, specialist advice and provide mentoring for foodservice and other packaging categories.

“To call SCA a consultancy sounds way too grand,” said Kevin. “I simply want to put all my experience and expertise to good use by helping foodservice businesses develop, and by mentoring entrepreneurs and managers to deliver fresh ideas and best practice.”

Kevin is one of the UK packaging industry’s experts and is highly respected by both suppliers and clients. Well known for his honest, no-nonsense and sometimes controversial approach, Packaging News named him as ‘one of the 100 most influential people in the industry’.

Over the years, Kevin has championed and positively influenced discussions around sensitive subjects such as the environmental impact of food packaging – challenging greenwash and debunking food packaging myths with simple, irrefutable facts.

Before the current coronavirus struck, SCA International had begun working with a leading UK-based foodservice packaging manufacturer and a leading London-based sandwich shop chain.

Foodservice packaging and Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the foodservice and packaging industries as they quickly adapt with new contact-free home delivery and takeaway models. The importance of the industry in feeding essential key workers and keeping those working from home or self-isolating cannot be overlooked.

“Packaging has never been more important,” said Kevin. “Through this unprecedented situation, the takeaway and delivered food categories are using their initiative to maintain their businesses – and disposable packaging remains integral to that success. With Covid-19 grabbing all the headlines and expecting to do so for the next year or more, the need for disposable and single-use products has never been so great.

“While the current focus is on hygienic safe delivery of food, customers continue to demand more sustainable products. SCA International understands the foodservice market in the UK and Europe and perhaps more importantly, also understands the legislative landscape for foodservice packaging. We can offer balanced and realistic views on sustainability and help the foodservice deliver more measurable results.”

After Covid-19

“There will still be a place for innovation when this crisis eases,” said Kevin. “Foodservice packaging still needs to get smarter and deliver improved performance and convenience. In addition, while it might be on the back-burner for the moment, the importance of environmentally sustainable packaging continues to be extremely important.

“In terms of innovation and truly sustainable foodservice packaging, SCA International intends to play a leading role in new product development and when the current situation passes, we will be bringing much needed new packaging solutions to the market.”

“I have always believed that packaging is an investment, not a cost,” said Kevin. “Even now, it is playing a crucial role, enabling consumers to safely receive hygienically and securely packaged food. As the industry rebuilds after Covid-19, SCA International can help businesses choose packaging which delivers convenience and practicality, while also meeting their economic and environmental needs. It is my sincere wish to use my long experience to help as many businesses as possible to return to following the ’three Ps of packaging’: right Product; right Packaging; equals the right Profit.”

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